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La Finestra
Oaks Golf Club

The charming offspring of the acclaimed La Finestra in Cucina. We've drawn inspiration from our celebrated counterpart and skillfully blended it with the leisurely lifestyle of the Oaks. Expect nothing less than premium ingredients and genuine Italian fare.

From hearty breakfasts, flavorful lunches, and exquisite dinners to enticing refreshments, our offerings are plentiful. Enjoy our golf course specials, including handcrafted sandwiches and light snacks, best enjoyed at the bar with a glass of choice wine or an Italian aperitif.

Situated within the prestigious PGA National Czech Republic, the nation's top-notch golf course, La Finestra Oaks Deli Club is an essential destination for golf enthusiasts. The course's scenic beauty serves as a stunning backdrop to your dining experience. Even for those less golf-inclined, the restaurant's refined ambiance and delectable dishes are sure to impress.

Viva l'Italia!

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La Finestra in Cucina

La Finestra in Cucina, Chef Riccardo Lucque's second Italian venture, opened in 2009 just steps from the Old Town Square.

Specializing in modern Italian cuisine, we prepare aged meats from select organic farms in Italy, Spain, and the USA. Chef Patrik Fréhar now directs the kitchen, following Tomáš Juřík, who after a four-year tenure, advanced to the executive chef role across the entire La Collezione network and conducts cooking classes at the Laboratory.

Apart from our signature meats, we offer fresh seafood, complemented by a rich selection of natural Italian wines.

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La Finestra Oaks Golf Club 
Nebřenice 1,
251 01 Popovičky

Phone: +420 703 150 000

Opening hours:


Tue - Sun 8:00 - 20:00


General manager:
Marek Massl 

  La Collezione

La Collezione, founded by Riccardo Lucque and co-owned by Ondřej Rákosník, is an expansive family of Italian restaurants. Our culinary family tree boasts esteemed establishments like Aromi, La Finestra in Cucina, Amano, and the cozy La Bottega bistro. We also operate the innovative Laboratorio cooking school.

"Since 2005, our mission has been to deliver unparalleled experiences of authentic Italian cuisine to our patrons."